Photodisinfection Technology

“Photodisinfection”, or Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy (aPDT), is a non-antibiotic broad spectrum topical treatment that utilizes a light-activated (photosensitizer) compound to target and destroy bacterial biofilms, virulence factors and inflammatory proteins.[i]  The primary mechanism of action of Photodisinfection is the production of large quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as singlet oxygen, superoxide anion and hydroxyl radical in close proximity to the target cell, resulting in rapid lysis of the cell and destruction/crosslinking of membrane-associated proteins and lipopolysaccharides.  Photodisinfection has been demonstrated to reduce CRS antibiotic resistant polymicrobial biofilms by >99.9% after a single treatment.[ii]  The Photodisinfection induced effect is target-specific to only those organisms that have absorbed the photosensitizer and are exposed to a specific wavelength of light.[iii]  Because the photosensitizer is cationically charged, the process has little to no effect on electrostatically neutral human tissues.[iv]

In addition to antibiotic resistant strains, Photodisinfection is equally effective against normal strains of bacteria.  Furthermore, there is no evidence of bacterial resistance occurring after repeated Photodisinfection treatment cycles.[v]  The Photodisinfection mechanism of lethality is completely different from that of oral and systemic antimicrobial agents.  There is no primary metabolic or thermal action involved with this minimally invasive therapy. Sinuwave™ Photodisinfection therapy is targeted for those patients unresponsive to, or ineligible for medicinal or surgical interventions.


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